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Flowering paradise for every taste Classic, vintage or Green Living? Geraniums are all-rounders!

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When the idea is to transform gardens, balconies and terraces into an inviting paradise full of flowers, the geranium is the best choice for sunny or part-shade locations. This beautiful South African is convincing with her abundance of impressive flowerheads, low maintenance needs and wide range of different colours, shapes and uses. Whether classic, romantic, vintage or modern, thanks to their versatility, geraniums fit in effortlessly in every environment and decorating style. Pelargonium for Europe presents feel-good gardens, gaily-coloured urban balconies and outdoor oases in on-trend Green Living style, with geraniums on centre stage.

Feel-good garden get-away

A garden is the ideal place to retreat from the hectic pace of daily routines. Amidst the soothing greenery and brightly-coloured flowers, gardens are an invitation to relax and feel at home. With their luminous colours, geraniums in gardens make beautiful blooming eye-catchers . The queen of summer flowers has a fascinating diversity of colours and shapes, abundance of flowers and extremely low maintenance needs.


When choosing a spot for geraniums it should be kept in mind that this plant is a sun-worshipper. To thrive and flower throughout the season, it needs a place with full sun or at most partial shade.

A romantic eye-catcher in on-trend vintage style. An old shopping bag gets a new lease on life as a planter in the garden. The delicate pink of the proliferous geranium flowers creates a harmonious contrast to the dominant green hues in the surroundings .

Just sit down and enjoy. In summer there's no better place for taking a break than your own backyard. A profusely blooming, brightly-coloured geranium on the table creates the right feel-good atmosphere .


A feast for the senses. The colourful composition of herbs, green plants and various summer flowers such as geraniums, cosmos and twinspur appeals to the eyes and nose alike. Even the bees and butterflies get their money's worth. Tip: Old biscuit tins make great planters. Repurposing them not only saves money and is environmentally friendly, it's also right in line with the current shabby chic trend. Important: Punching a few holes in the bottom allows excess water to drain off.

Green Living: green dreams on terraces and balconies

Green and flowering plants transform outdoor areas into pleasant living spaces that are an invitation to stay awhile and indulge in a daydream.

Geraniums are an ideal plant for the Green Living trend, since their showy flowers and vibrant colours instantly evoke a relaxing summer feeling on terraces and balconies. Apropos relaxing, geraniums make this a lot easier than many other summer flowers, as this beautiful South African is extremely hardy and easy-care.

Left: Surrounded by lush greenery and showy geraniums, this hanging swing basket is an ideal spot to let your thoughts wander while you escape the hectic pace of everyday life.


Right: Blooming wonder times three: In these plant baskets made of rattan the brightly-coloured bushy geraniums in full bloom are simply stunning. A natural eye-catcher that instantly transforms an outdoor patio into an oasis of relaxation.

A second living room outdoors is the ideal place for a welcome time-out from daily routines. Together with the jungle wallpaper and lots of green and flowering plants, furniture and accessories made of rattan and wicker lend this corner a relaxed ethno look. With their red and orange blooms, showy geraniums and Canna indica create charming contrasts amidst the greenery.

A floating eye-catcher: This orange geranium in an original hanging metal pot makes a beautiful colour contrast to the surrounding greenery.

Tip: When choosing a place for it, make sure the plant will get enough sunlight. Ideal is a spot with full sun or at most partial shade.

Flowering summer joy: geraniums add colour to the city

With brightly-coloured furniture, plants and accessories, a city balcony is turned into a wellness oasis in summer, extending an invitation to relax, enjoy and just be happy.

Profusely blooming geraniums, tomato plants, olive and orange trees are paired with the colourful furniture and decorative elements to create a perfect setting for taking a little break from everyday life .

An island of happiness in the heart of the city: fresh goodness from your own garden, lovely scents, brightly-coloured flowers and accessories. This small city balcony appeals to all the senses.

Magnificently blooming, colourful geraniums thrive alongside chillies, tomatoes, strawberries and herbs. An orange tree and an olive tree radiate Mediterranean flair and everywhere you look are lovingly selected accessories that attract attention.


Handmade furniture lends this city balcony a personal touch.