The geranium, a real allround talent

  • Uses

One plant for many occasions

“Grandmother plant”, “balcony boxer” and “farmhouse” are certainly among the most common images people associate with the word “geranium”. At least true plant lovers will also remember the durability and easy care aspects of these lovely southern belles. On the contrary, such words as “modern”, “peppy”, “diversified” or “yummy” would hardly be the spontaneous...

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Surprisingly diversifiedThe geranium – a plant with many faces

  • Varieties

The geranium – a plant with many faces

The geranium, whose botanical name is actually Pelargonium, is widely known as the beautiful red or white flowers in balcony boxes everywhere. But this plant is much more than that: The geranium is also popular for its impressive diversity of colours, leaves and flower shapes, size and growth forms. The flowers bloom not only in red and white, but also in...

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From the Cape of Good Hope around the world

  • History

Der Siegeszug der Pelargonie

Pelargoniums, more commonly known as geraniums, can be seen everywhere in summer. They adorn balconies, flowerbeds and terraces in Europe and many other countries around the globe. The geranium is not only a symbol of hardiness and beauty for people all over the world, it is also the epitome of homeland feeling. The Swiss have taken this a step further and elected it...

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Magnificent geraniums made easy

  • Care

How to keep the queen of balcony plants comfortable

For years now geraniums have been at the top of the charts of the most popular bedding and balcony plants. The reason for this is clear: Balconies and terraces can be easily transformed into colourful feel-good oases with these beautiful sun worshippers. The geranium not only scores with its huge range of colours and growth patterns, abundance...

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