Beautiful geranium easily

The geranium not only scores with its huge range of colours and growth patterns, abundance of blossoms and long flowering period, it is also undemanding, hardy and easy-care. A few simple care tips should be kept in mind to make sure geraniums look their best all summer Long.

The history of geraniums

Did you know it - Pelargoniums originally are real South Africans? From the Cape of Good Hope it embarked on its triumphant advance across the globe in the 17th century.

A plant with a lot of faces

The geranium, whose botanical name is actually Pelargonium, is widely known as the beautiful red or white flowers in balcony boxes. But this plant is much more than that: The geranium is also popular for its impressive diversity of colours, leaves and flower shapes, size and growth forms, as well as for its scent.



A plant - many usages

The geranium is a real allround talent and is more multi-faceted than most people know. Geraniums adorn balcony boxes, planters and flowerbeds, add decorative highlights on walls, as houseplants or cut flowers. The essential oils can ward off pesky insects, dried flowers are used in potpourri and perfumes.