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Are you looking for press information and professional photos about geraniums? Then you've come to the right place! Discover now the many facets of the easy care summer beauty. The offer on this page will be constantly increased.

Surprisingly up-to-date. Modern decorations with geraniums.

Modern geranium? Contrary to what some might believe, this is no longer a contradiction of terms. The classic summer bloomer, which was already adorning terraces, balconies and windowsills all over Europe in the 19th century, today presents itself as an easy-care lifestyle beauty that stands out with a vast diversity of varieties and can be given a surprisingly contemporary look in trendy...

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Floating geranium charm. DIY hangers for summer gardens and balconies.

The geranium is the ultimate summer and balcony plant. For generations this easy-care beauty has been radiating a summer feeling and happy mood on balconies, terraces and gardens, thanks to its vivid colours and opulent flowers. The geranium not only cuts a fine figure in balcony boxes, planters and flower beds, but also makes a great summer eye-catcher in hanging planters. The following DIY ideas...

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Flowering eye-catchers on balcony and terrace. Geranium dividers: flexible, pretty and easy-care.

Dividers on a balcony or terrace allow you to separate areas while shielding your space from prying eyes. They add privacy and a cosy atmosphere to large outdoor areas that might be more open to the public gaze. Aside from permanent dividers such as walls or hedges, a wide range of versatile dividing elements are available. Particularly decorative are dividing walls planted with flowers. They...

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DIY ideas for flowering retreats. Creative and surprising: geranium deco in the city.

As more and more city dwellers discover the joys of gardening, an increasing number of urban roof terraces, balconies and backyards are being turned into green and flowering retreats for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. Always in on it: handmade decorations and DIY furniture, because the DIY trend is deeply rooted in the urban gardening movement. The experts at Pelargonium for Europe...

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Colourful floral decorations for summer tables. Dining with geraniums.

Not matter if it’s outdoors or in, having breakfast with the family, a summer party or dinner with friends, the table is the heart of any social gathering. And floral decorations are a must when turning this essential meeting place into a radiant festive table. There’s a wide range of floral beauties to choose from during the warm season, but the absolute star among summer flowers is the geranium....

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