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Plant a touch of the Mediterranean in your garden and holiday at home with exotic pelargoniums.

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Fashions come and go in gardening, but in recent years one trend has consistently gathered pace – the rising popularity of exotic and sub-tropical planting. Fuelled by television makeover programmes, gardeners’ love affair with ‘outdoor rooms’ has been driving demand for lush foliage plants and dazzling blooms that rekindle memories of happy holidays in warmer climes.

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Bolster your garden’s defences against climate change with drought and heat-resistant pelargoniums.

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Robust plants that shrug off extremes of heat and drought are set to play an increasing role as households rise to the challenge of gardening in a warming climate, according to the experts at Pelargonium for Europe. Climate change is tipped to change the way in which we garden as rising global temperatures, combined with more frequent weather extremes such as drought and heatwaves, influence…

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